Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nut Free Sign

Almost four years ago I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. When she was just over a year old, she became diagnosed with a fatal peanut/tree nut allergy. Life turned on it's head for us and was the start of a few years of learning to survive. We adjusted and learned to live life a different way. I still hesitate to host luncheons or parties at my home where others have to bring food. When we are invited to activities or parties, I am always sure to bring a dessert so that Sophie is able to eat something yummy and not feel quite as left out.

That takes us to holidays. In our last neighborhood we didn't do neighbor gifts at all. Instead we had a neighborhood drive. We had a bonfire at the end of a nearby street with hot chocolate and doughnuts. Folks would come during a two-hour time slot and make a cash donation for the charity that had been picked that year in the dollar amount they would have spent on neighbor gifts. It was money well spent and our kids could see the true meaning of the holiday by donating to those in need.

This last year was quite a bit different. We live in a wonderful, new neighborhood. The people here are generous and kind and last year we received plate after plate of yummy goodness. Unfortunately because of little miss' allergies, most of those plates made a beeline straight to the garbage. We realized we needed to do something to make our house just a bit safer for her. I came up with this little beauty.

A cheap metal sign from the Hob Lob. It was a wonderful 1995 hunter green. Nothing a little black spray paint can't fix. And some vinyl from the amazing "Itybtyfrog"

Because really, we don't want nuts or otherwise.

This year a friend in my neighborhood and I are going to start the donation drive for our neighborhood. Our area is all built out now and a donation drive like that would be successful.

And I won't have to have hives the entire month of December.